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The American television show Sons of Anarchy is not just an American television show to you. You remember watching every new episode with your best friend with an ashtray on the coffee table and coffee mugs filled with whiskey. The both of you were engaged as you watched the titular Sons of Anarchy fall apart.
There was something about the narrative, yes, that made you want to tune in every week. But there was something else about the club that made you, well, a better person, a better friend, and a better brother.
Your whole life, you've always been obsessed with the guys on the motorcycles that would ride through your town. You've always loved the sound of a Harley, Honda, or Indian engine echo down your suburban town. These were the "cool" people to you.
So, every night when you watched Sons of Anarchy, you felt these feelings again. And you were amazed at the kind of loyalty the characters had to each other. Even though the main conflict of the show involved two club members, you still found these moments of brotherhood and loyalty amazing. You saw it as something to aspire to with your own friends.
Soon after you and your best friend (and the rest of your friends) started watching the show, the way you interacted with each other changed. You no longer gave each other handshakes, you gave each other hugs. You stopped calling each other "man" or "dude", you became brothers.
You and your group of friends have always been on the outside looking in. You never fit in, none of you, but you found each other. And because of Sons of Anarchy, you looked at your group, your collective of brilliant idiots, shitheads, and scumbags as a club. It was something that you took pride in.
You started walking with your head up high. This show gave you a weird kind of confidence. The best kind of confidence. You remember falling into yourself when people on the street would give you dirty looks but now, because of the Motorcycle Club-like bond you've made with your friends, you had a permanent "fuck you" plastered on your face.
The younger version of you. The teenager, he would be afraid of you now. You walk with a knife in your back pocket. You wear a denim vest (that you cut yourself) with a patch on the back. You don't take a breathe between hearing someone talk shit to you and throwing your fist into their teeth. You are a man now.
This new you, this present-day Paul, is no longer afraid of the world around him. You no longer feel alone in your life. Even though you and your friends are scattered across the world, you know they'll continue to have your back and you'll continue to have theirs. There is strength in this. You are loyal, trustworthy, and honest. You are someone's brother.
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This is so true. The sons share a bond that transcends friendship. That word brother, it implies something so deep that it's almost like a blood oath. Having that kid of fierce loyalty to someone or something is the point right? To feel as if you are truly apart of something, that's he goal. This post was incredible and so is the show. Amazing.