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There are so many to choose from!

Marvel has some great couples. While some of them go sour, there are a few that really embody all of our #RealtionshipGoals with their commitment, honesty, and love.

No matter what happens, we're rooting for them!

Despite all the superhuman struggles, the aliens and pseudoscience, the gods and magic, there's something incredibly human about the love that some of our favorite characters have for each other. Some of these romances are tragic, some of them are comfortable. They all matter to us.

Here are a few of mine...

I'm sure there's a lot I left out. It's really impossible to pick just *one* favorite... Whether it's canon or fanon, let's talk about our favorite Marvel couples!
Clint and Natasha, Stony, Natasha and Bruce, Peter and MJ, Mr.Fantastic and invisible woman, a and Any man and Wasp.馃挐
Rouge and Gambit! My ultimate Marvle couple!!! <3
@jibarito It feels like they're building up to it but I didn't catch anything in the first episode! I think @SerenaMcG @ButterflyBlu and @BabyCakes00 will have seen it by now- if any of you are online did you notice anything?
@shannonl5 Rightttt !! It's going to get serious ! Btw I heard agents of shield is showing the beginnings of the civil war already, do you know anything about this?
@shannonl5 yes, I believe civil war will devastate me emotionally lol
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