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There are so many to choose from!

Marvel has some great couples. While some of them go sour, there are a few that really embody all of our #RealtionshipGoals with their commitment, honesty, and love.

No matter what happens, we're rooting for them!

Despite all the superhuman struggles, the aliens and pseudoscience, the gods and magic, there's something incredibly human about the love that some of our favorite characters have for each other. Some of these romances are tragic, some of them are comfortable. They all matter to us.

Here are a few of mine...

I'm sure there's a lot I left out. It's really impossible to pick just *one* favorite... Whether it's canon or fanon, let's talk about our favorite Marvel couples!
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@OGv6FATE I mean it's comics, they can always change that, right? Though tbh as long as everyone is an adult I don't feel like it matters haha. I actually feel like that would add to the dynamic. She's usually depicted as being a bit bubbly or light-hearted, and Damian is often the opposite. Usually younger people are depicted as being more joyful, so switching it is really cool.
@shannonl5 Yea true it is opposite and not only is Supergirl's age before she stopped ageing older but, her actual age is older than Superman.
@OGv6FATE mmm yeah that's very true. Chronologically she's older but in terms of experience she's younger... I guess it's complicated haha.
@shannonl5 Exp yea because she barely knows how to control her superpowers and Damian was trained since birth.
@OGv6FATE that's very true! I think also, a lot of her story is about finding her place in the world, where his has been about rejecting the place he was given. You're totally getting me hooked on this ship!