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Idols all seem like good people, but to get where they are in life they also have to be determined and ready to make sacrifices.
That being said,

Which idol would win the Hunger Games!?


She has worked hard to get to where she is, she's been betrayed, and she is done trusting people. She'll end up on the top no matter who she needs to push out of the way. I feel like a lot of idols are too nice but Jessica is too determined hahaha
Tagging my usual QQ peeps!
for some reason i want to say gd he world try and camouflage with aith anything.....but then again no cause its gd so then i would say Jackson but he is to going with suga he find a secret place to sleep and sleep through the whole thing
This is really hard to be honest... There are so many reasons so many could win but...AH!!! MINHO! His competitive nature. He's nice and all but seeing Dream Team 2 and the couple of episodes he's been on Running Man... The kid is no joke. XD I say kid and he's two years older but it's okay. :3
My brother Jackson FROM #GOT7 πŸ‘πŸ˜
D.o. He's cute, but deadly! 😱
This is tough but I'd have to say JB(Got7) bc he puts his mind to anything and gets it done and is strong & smart
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