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A lot of the Puerto Rican street food is fried (makes sense) and there's a variety of food. Yes, we have both vegetarian and meat options! Today, we'll focus on the meat option! ;) If you're ever in Puerto Rico, here are some of the foods you should definitely try!

Relleno de papa

Mmm, stuffed potato balls! These are normally stuffed with ground beef and vegetables. They are deep fried until they are crispy and golden on the outside! If you want to try a cool version of these, you can check out the cheese and bacon relleno de papa!


Looking for healthy food? Totally not here. Chicharrones are fried pork rinds (skin). It can also be made from pork belly. Your basically taking the most fatty parts of a pork and frying the sh*t outta them.


This is the Puerto Rican version of skewers. They are usually made either from chicken or from pork. Yep, we love our pork!


Fish is better fried! These are salt cod pancake like fritters. They. Are. So. Freaking. Good. I can just taste it now -- fresh cod with a crunch, fried outside. Want to make them yourself? It's easy. Check out the recipe here. :)


Made with plantains and ground beef, these fried snacks are to drool over. Check out this recipe.
bacalaito is my childhood favorite...
Don't get me started, I'm smelling the food through my phone lol
Oh god I'm hungry now hahaha
i havent missed puerto rico more then i do right now in a long time haha
Ohhh they are sooo good! @mchlyang
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