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In response to @InPlainSight’s challenge, I have picked my top 5 songs on my Modern Mixtape. And man was it hard! I have a variety of music interests and song that I love so it was hard to only pick that many. And to pick songs for a potential cutie? Even harder.
I picked a variety of songs that both represent my musical interests as well as the feels you feel when you like like someone.

1. I Can Do Better Than That

Ok, so hear my out with this song. I love musicals. Like LOVE musicals. Because they tell a story. In this song the story it's her singing about her past and how she can do better (hence the weird title). The second part is about how the dude IS better for her. Anyway, I just really love this musical and this song. Here’s a clip from the movie adaptation.
"I want you and you and nothing but you. Miles and piles of you.”

2. Smooth Sailin'

This one is a dancing one. Leon Bridges is one of my new favorite artists.
"Let me be your cargo." He can be my cargo anytime ;)

3. Cold Coffee

Ed Sheehan is the bomb. This song is the bomb. I love the image of drinking coffee together in the morning and talking. It’s so simple and perfect.

4. Love You Long Time

Some of you might not know this, but I was in an acappella group in college. So I love this sort’ve music. This song is particularly fun.

5. Make you Feel My Love

I’d end it with a kicker. This song never ceases to make me cry. I sang it for a good friend of mine’s wedding, and it was beautiful. Here’s the Queen singing it live.
Alrighty. It’s your turn now peeps. What's on your modern mixtape?
I dunno if I have a really good video, but I'll look! @chisingularus
Haha I'm only cynical on Tuesdays. @InPlainSight.
I like this. You should share your performance!!!
@nicolejb I'm surprised brokenhearted wasn't in there....