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So I read that only 8% of Americans sleep naked.

Really!? That's crazy, because I do it all the time!! And (I don't mean this to sound creepy) I'm pretty sure my friends do too. Not because I've looked!!! Just, when we talk about it, they seem to be pretty down with the idea of sleeping in the nude. To me, it's just more comfortable, temperature-wise. I dunno.
But! After doing a little research on the subject, it seems that sleeping naked is more than just really comfortable – it's actually good for you, in multiple ways! Check out all the ways that sleeping naked can improve your health.
Sleeping naked allows your body's temperature to fluctuate more naturally, which leads to...

+ An easier time falling asleep

+ Better quality rest with fewer interruptions

+ Lowered risk of insomnia

+ Stronger immune system

+ Better athletic performance

Cooler nighttime body temperatures, which accompany sleeping naked, lead to...

+ Increased metabolism

+ Burning more belly fat

+ Healthier hair and skin

+ Release of anti-aging hormones

+ Better reproductive health

Sleeping naked beside a partner, where skin-to-skin contact is involved, leads to...

+ Lower stress

+ Greater emotional intimacy

For more information, click here, here, and here!
So, how about you?

Do you like to sleep naked?

Hehe :)
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Hahahaha @gabbycalzada Were you surprised?? XD
@allischaaff I kind of was.
I don't have anyone but home alone myself so the benefits of sleeping naked is an awesome experience, anyway if you're shy and will slowly overcome it to be comfortable when others come visit. Yes I sleep naked and I spend my evenings in the nude.
I approve of sleeping nude :P
^_^ yay i been doing it right.