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Alright, Vingle Babies. I know I'm the Prince of Vingle Hipsters but I can't deny that Ryan Gosling is a goddamn jewel of a man. Here's the thing, there isn't a person on this planet that doesn't recognize how attractive Ryan Gosling is. And sure, yeah, whatever he's a hot dude, like, physically. But here's the thing, there's a lot more to it than just that. And I'm about to guide you through it because his attractiveness is more than that sculpted body.

Be Funny

All us boys/hamsters know that girls/hamsters like a person who is funny. I can't count the number of lady-hamsters who have told me humor is what they're attracted to. So if you want to up your game a tad, learn how to be a funny guy. And not like "poop-butt-poop" funny, like silly funny. Being funny just works.

Be a Cutie

Look at that gif up there. What's he doing? He's being goddamn cute, that's what. If you can't take the time to not be such a machismo idiot, then you'll probably never be attractive to anyone but yourself you nerd. Be a cutie. And being a cutie doesn't mean you can't be a tough guy because...

You can still be Super Tough

He's got this quiet sort of toughness that I don't quite understand. Like a subdued anger. He's tough in a way where he'll take care of you. Like, you're at a bar or something and a guy keeps hitting on you but then he'll just stare at the guy and make him go away with his eye-energy (is that a thing? I don't know, but he has it). And if you want any cat/dog/dragon to stick with you for any amount of time, they have to feel safe with you.

Be Confident

You have got to be confident. Be confident in a way that's extremely charming. This is very easy for Ryan Gosling because he's got that face. Look at that face. What an asshole. I'm just kidding, he's not, he's alright, probably, maybe, I don't know. I'm still trying to figure this one out because I am unfortunately a pile a human garbage that can't write his way out of a paper bag. If any of you figure it out, let me know.
And that's about it. Do these things and maybe you'll be attractive the same way Ryan Gosling is. Or maybe, you'll turn into something that works for you. Maybe you'll be someone you can be proud of.
Can you imagine it? Looking in the mirror and being happy with the face staring back at you, with the person looking back at you? It's a beautiful feeling. To be completely secure in who you are instead of going on the Internet trying look for tips on being someone else.
Too bad none of us will feel that though, eh? Until then, we'll try and be like Ryan Gosling (or any other fucking heartthrob).
Dude. Seriously. Just be yourself! I know it might be hard to accept until it happens, but when someone falls in love with you, it should be for YOU, for who YOU are... Not for who you're trying to be or wish you were. Trying to be someone else is going to end with you being Very unhappy someday. YOU are awesome, a great guy. Don't try to be anyone other than exactly who you are!! That's going to work for you better than a million pieces of advice from anyone else.
Put on a Ryan Gosling costume and go to town?
@ChriSingularis there is always that. but I find that the Gosling costumes are never in my size.
This is so freakin awesome @paulisaverage. I'm a huge fan of both Gosling and your work!! :D