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@CristinReynolds Haha right?! He needs to lay off the haterade! πŸ˜‚ Haha my Results were spot on then when it got to husband I was like O.o I did not see that coming!! Awe lol I'm sorry!
@AimeeH it's because he is not my boyfriend or husband (my phone knows me so well Jimin is my bias πŸ˜‚) poor Suga and J-hop got left out though 😒
@CristinReynolds! Oh no problem! I found a Got7, Infinite and Block B one I plan on uploading over the next few days! Omg! I love how Jin is a hater.. Tsk tsk. XD Thank you for participating dear! I love your results πŸ˜„
@AimeeH thank you for uploading this game it was a lot of fun! These are my results of the snap shot game that AimeeH posted go check it out!
@myylifeisnow it is the screen snapshot game that AimeeH's posted with BTS pictures you should check it out its a lot of fun!
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