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This is a challenge by @jordanhamilton and I believe @ButterflyBlue and @RaquelArredondo tagged me so here it goes you two!

When you think of love, What comes to your mind?

Yup nothing else to say.

Have you ever been in love?

I wanna believe I have, I think I have, I probably have....I DON'T KNOW!

One word to describe your ex?

Let's just leave it at that ^^ A lot happened.

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Just look at that beautiful hair My...God...

Current Date Situation?

Yup Single and Ready to Vingle! <= HA see what I did there? ㅡwㅡ/ I...Apologize...
Well this was a fun challenge!~ Cheers to every one who's a part of it.
I wanna tag: @shannonl5 @FrankilliMambo and @DanRodriguez to continue the challenge!
Haha, "single and ready to Vingle!" I freakin' love it. Also, I am with you about being in love with food
Okay, okay, I will try to be a HAPPY single and Vingle.
@alywoah Right? xD its the best kind of love! @shannonl5 Thank you!! @VinMcCarthy Naturally~
@alywoah I agree! Single and ready to Vingle is dope!
Haha oh my goodness I totally love this!! I love The Doctor one... so true XD
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