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The NL Manager of the Year debate is getting intense as the NL Cy Young debate.

ESPN baseball analyst, Keith Law said,
"Typically, your formula for who wins Manager of the Year is, what team outperformed pre-season expectations."
Here are my Top 3 choices for the award.

2015 Pre-season Predictions: 10th Overall 86 Wins 76 Losses

2015 Pre-season Predictions: 4th Overall 94 Wins 68 Losses

2015 Pre-season Predictions: 20th Overall 80 Wins 82 Losses

So, who do you think deserves to win this award?

Also! Check out @christianmordi's card on why he thinks Joe Maddon should win NL Manager of the Year!
@jeff4122 Well, preseason expectations were def low for the Mets and Collins did a good job turning thing around, but I personally think the Cubs and the Cardinals have an advantage here because their record is just too good
It's a two horse race between Collins and Maddon. The way I see it, it goes to Collins - he took a team that no one expected to have a winning record and led them to the division title ahead of the favorite World Series pick.
@mchlyang the cards roster is too good to give it to Matheny I think
Also, if anyone wants to throw Clint Hurdle in the debate, you're more than welcome to. But, even though I may be a Pirates fan, I don't think he's gonna win it this year.