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This was a really good drama and I couldn't have asked for a better ending
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Ugh @toppdogg I cried so hard with Wol Ryung regaining his memories after that certain incident with his lover. (oT-T)o
2 years ago·Reply
@kelseyblair I cried too, and I tried to keep quiet because I was in my living room and my siblings decided to sleep out there, I tried so hard not to cry loudly...
2 years ago·Reply
I was in the same room with my roommate and I could feel her stare penetrating right through me haha
2 years ago·Reply
@kelseyblair They just don't understand D: lol.
2 years ago·Reply
Only we understand! We can understand together! ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v
2 years ago·Reply