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okay everybody who knows me know I love jackson that I call him bae. I don't call the my kpop idols bias I call them bae. well their a problem
This guy name Rap Mon is taking my heart and Jackson place and I don't know what to do. I love jackson with all my heart but every time I look at rap Mon my heart race and wants to stop. I don't want to lose Jackson but I don't want to lose rap Mon but thing is their can be only 1# bae and it's jackson but I think rap Mon is taking his place and pushing.jackson Down help me out please!!! lol
ugh help
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@AnnahiZaragoza right?! Pretty sure I'd just stare like O_O
choose RM he's taller than Jackson
Key is always #1 for me but I have many more biases. RM is one as well
hahaha it's okay to love rap mon. both know English so you're good there. they're both rappers so no trade there. both funny. adorable. kinda the same -- it's a tip off I suppose. they're both great so you won't be losing out either way. perhaps it comes down if you like got7 or bts more
why that last pic of Rap Mon look like he was thinking: Aye I kno you want to be in this be bed if me right now...don't deny