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I was challenged by @InPlainSight to make a modern mixtape of love songs. He wants to know what a modern mixtape would sound like if I made one to give to my (theoretical) man.
(I was also tagged by @TessStevens!)

Ray LaMontagne - Let It Be Me

I believe friendship should be the foundation of romantic love... and in my experience, it usually is. This song speaks to that love.

Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter

"No love, No glory."
Damien Rice is one my favorite singers/songwriters. I could fill up an entire mixtape with his love songs. This is, by far, my favorite song.

The Beatles - Something

A woman wants a man to want her... to make her feel special and beautiful and desired.

Jason Mraz - Butterfly

Just... sexy.

Woodkid - I Love You

A beautiful song that pretty much says it all. It's one of my absolute favorites.
Oh, by the way, @InPlainSight. You said that you wondered if these intended instruments of love ever worked. I, for one, can say yes. There's nothing like music that says something deeper than maybe we can figure out How to say at that given moment.
Or maybe I'm just a sucker for great music... but music will always be a good instrument to find the way to my heart.
(Not my artwork.)
@LAVONYORK @Arellano1052 @paulisaverage @mchlyang - y'all should make one now. @RosePark, thanks for making yours! :D
I loved all of these, they were really beautiful, just listened. Very dreamy list!
Even his name is sexy.
Yes I agree. Jason Mraz is just sexy.
@VinMcCarthy - thanks for pointing it out. I switched it last minute and must have forgotten to change it. Thanks... and sorry.
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