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What are my biggest turn-offs in a guy? That's easy.

1. Not listening to what I say.

Interrupting me. Talking over me. General inattention.

2. Rudeness.

Whether it's towards me or someone else.

3. Stupidity.

Make a bunch of bad decisions with no thought for the consequences? Yeah, you've already lost me.

4. Weird hats.

I know this is kind of random, but any guy who wears one of the hats pictured above is not getting anywhere near my ladyparts.
Side rant: Never wear straw fedoras. JUST NEVER WEAR THEM. Even THIS GUY looks bad in one!!

5. Lack of self confidence in the bedroom.

Don't ask me if it's big. Don't ask me thirty times if I liked it. Just love yourself for you, period. Because I would have been more than okay – had you not asked!!!

6. Body odor. Bad breath. Just awful smells in general.

No, no, no. Just no.

7. Lack of respect towards women, your family, or people who are different from you.

This shows you're an ignorant douchebag, and I don't care to spend another second longer in your company. So quit it with the rape jokes. They. Aren't. Funny.

8. Trying to show off for the sake of getting attention.

This is immaturity at its finest. We're not monkeys anymore, guys.

9. Putting others down, including your dude friends.

Watching you make other people feel like shit is not going to make me want to hang out with you. Again, it shows you're immature and so insecure in yourself that you feel the need to put other people down to feel better about yourself.

10. Too-tight polo shirts.

I know you wouldn't mind seeing MY nipples through my shirt, but I really, really don't want to see yours.

11. Abercrombie. Hollister. Aeropostale.

You should have retired that clothing after middle school.

12. Lack of ambition.

If you don't have life goals, you're not ready for a serious relationship and you don't deserve to be with me.

13. Alcoholism.

Yeah, um, this is a disease, and you probably get it checked out. Don't self-medicate. See a doctor for that ish.
You know what? I just decided this was a challenge. Surprise challenge!!!!
I challenge @alywoah, @jordanhamilton, @ButterflyBlu, @danidee, @buddyesd, and @paulisaverage to make a card of their biggest turn-offs! However many you want. I'm just curious to see if we all have similar answers or not :)
If anyone else wants to join in, feel free!!
@allischaaff - Instead of a funny list - perhaps you can do a contest to see who has had the worst or weirdest first date experience. That in itself will be sure to provide some hilarity.
Really you could have summed this up in a single "don't want - must have" statement. It appears to me that you are looking for a real man... and not a man-boy/man-child.
@JonPatrickHyde That's rad! @jordanhamilton, what do you think?
Dudes we should totally do that!!! Great idea @JonPatrickHyde! :D Who wants to get it started? >:D
I think that would be an amazing idea actually!!! @danidee @JonPatrickHyde let's make it happen.
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