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Today's Word(s) of the Day: Wet/Lubricated

This one feels a little self-explanatory and most of the people I know Hip or Un-Hip know what I'm getting at when I say this. Especially when I've already got that look in my eye that means I'm trying to get into it tonight. It just means getting drunk. But be careful, it makes people uncomfortable (most of the time).

Examples of How to Use the Word:

"I'm trying to get wet tonight, man" or "Phew, I'm feeling pretty lubricated right now"
Use this phrase at your own risk. The last time I said it all the females left the room to get their friends to help them spit on me.
I'll start practicing this new vocabulary lesson with the folks! takes all the risk out of the equation.
@LaserClayy you are a brave brave man
Lmao, that is all sorts of risky. I think only guys can pull this one off.
that's a risky word lol
@jokes @ButterflyBlu very very risky be careful
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