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Siya: she’s a woman, a lesbian, and a Latina -- and she’s trying to win the hip-hop game. From Brooklyn, New York, Siya is making her talent known. She currently has a few music videos out on her Youtube Channel, I AM SIYA. On September 24th, the rapper released her mixtape, What Never Happened. In her video introducing the mixtape, she talks about how she had the odds stacked up against her. She says her biggest hurdle isn't being openly gay, Latina, and a woman. Her biggest hurdle is that she is going to be the biggest threat to the industry. She is confident in her talent (as she should!)

She wants to let the world to know that it's okay to be gay, and that you can still sell records being a gay rapper.

“Me being openly gay has never been an issue,” Siya said. “That’s why my fanbase is what it is and why people on the show respected me as much as they did because I am so open about my sexuality and am so open as far as my sexuality in my music. People gravitate towards that—someone they can relate to and whose music they can find comfort in.” (AfterEllen)

Check out below for one of her music videos. Siya can rap!

Not sure if you've heard of The Internet (that's the band name) before. Highly recommend checking them out. :-)
yes she is, u have to see the sisterhood of hip-hop, pretty cool ladies on that show
I just found out about her and I've been listening to her ever since!!! She's super talented.
I like this, been following siya since the sisterhood TV show... hopefully we see her more.. I like that type!!
Thank you so much!!!!! @gypsyrose
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