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The aging process is a difficult thing to deal with. One day, it's your 18th birthday and you're screaming in the gas station about how you can legally buy cigarettes and the next second you're drinking in some alley and it's your 26th birthday. Eight years ago you were 18 but now you are a much different person. Someone who is tired. Someone who is broken.
Mike Kinsella of Owen understands this. He understand the constant struggle that's life. The reminder of death that is constantly aging. You know, I got real freaked out the other day because I saw my reflection and I didn't see a youthful teenager anymore. I saw some grown-ass man who has seen way too much and wishes he was someone else.

Notable Lyrics (basically the whole song this time):

I woke up today and felt my age for the first time in both my mind and body. And my thoughts are less of fitting in and more of being a better man. And my overbite is getting worst and my whole fucking face hurts. I woke up today with the whimper not the bang of a schoolboy or a father. And it seems those fifteen pounds I've lost since you left were the part of me that you loved most and knew best and I woke up today feeling my age and the sum of everything I've ever done and either I just got kicked in the teeth or time has changed me.