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1. CNBLUE 2. Jung Yong Hwa 3. Lee Jong Hyun 4. Lee Jung Shin 5. Kang Min Hyuk
Its just that I'm on the mood collecting and making collages.. :-) .. see you around..
@katieloidlei You're very talented, sis! They're really great. I miss you too! I'll definitely be on a lot today, so you'll be seeing me. (^_^)
Hi @yinofyang I miss yoooo... thank you and yes I made all of these..
@katieloidlei Love this! Did you make all of them yourself? They're very nice. @syairah12 I wish you were here more often. Please don't overwork or unnie will worry. (>_<) Take care of yourself.
@katieloidlei.keke..you`re most welcome and I totally love these selcas.. @june..yup,quiet busy..but now I`m on my holiday from my study for Chinese New Year..I get several days off..lol..you`re so sweet..makes me touched!! thanks for being concern bout me..keke..guest I had overwork a little bit since I lost 2kg in a week..lol..
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