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T.O.P Replies To Fan
This beautiful morning I woke up and saw that T.O.P had replied to another fan but this comment and reply was so deep. After reading this it reminded me a lot of many of our #1 Rule Challenge topics and what we went through or are going through.

Read it yourself!

HINT: Slide or click the arrow on the picture below to view the English translation by bigbang.translate!
Think of this as a form of encouragement from T.O.P to all of us!

I hope you all have a beautiful day and please tag anyone that may be needing this!

I want to thank bigbang.translate on Instagram for their hard work on translating recent Big Bang posts to all of us English speakers. ♡

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♡ Indeed God bless him, all other humble kpop Idols, and all you kpop vinglers that at some point we go through the same thing like this fan. @felicityautumn @netchtiBates @GuerlyReyes @CrystalBlunt @YvonJerzak @tayunnie @JungSungHyo @Princess2328 @SkullBunneh @gyapittman @drummergirl691 @Exoexo @AimeeH
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@AnnahiZaragoza Yes. this is definitely a time like this! I am so happy that he's humble. Absolutely amazing.
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aww this made me tear up this is why i love BigBang they truly love and care about us even if they can't talk to each of us individualy they still do things to make us feel loved and important
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awww top can be deep too 😂 that was so nice of him
2 years ago·Reply
Love this! Sometimes all we need is a few simple heartfelt words. I love Top Oppa!
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