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Since it's FINALLY officially fall, here is a great fall art project that will give your home or apartment a fall feel. This DIY tutorial is incredibly easy, but looks incredibly chic and expensive. This DIY project comes from Social News Daily.


For this project, you will need:
-- A branch of leaves
-- Acrylic paint -- Paint brushes (one small and one big)-- Gold spray paint-- Clear sealantYou can find all of these items, except the leaves, at a craft store.

Paint the canvas

Use the large paint brush to paint the entire canvas one color. Let that coat of paint completely dry.

Spray paint over the leaf branch

Place the leaf branch over the painted canvas. Spray paint the gold paint over the leaf branch. Remove the leaf branch and then let the paint completely dry.

Repeat these steps in different colors and then put up your beautiful artwork and step back and enjoy your project!

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