3 years ago1,000+ Views In the above linked article, it states that the results of the baby's DNA test should be released by the end of October. In the article, it says that Kim Hyun Joong's attorney stated that "Choi has completed mutilated Kim Hyun Joong using the press." I have to say that I agree. As I read through the article, I couldn't help but wonder if his agency has dropped him yet because even if he is innocent, at this point, his name has been trashed. This entire incident is 54 chapters on why it's best to keep it in your pants. Don't get me wrong, I fangirl KHJ with the best of them. I wish him closure with this, healing, and safety as he does his military duty. I just wish he'd made some better choices in love so this didn't happen, but I guess love is blind. Mostly, I feel for the poor child in the middle of it all.
That woman is nuts
@kpoplover1995 I totally agree. There is so much about her story that doesn't add up. I don't like society's tendency to think women are lying, but some of her evidence was supposedly proven to be fake and now she can't supply any medical records to prove that she was pregnant never mind that she had a miscarriage. We'll never really know what happened between them, but if she is telling the truth, the manner in which she has conducted herself (filing and withdrawing accusations, trying to use fake evidence, dragging everything to the media, not supplying medical records, and now refusing the DNA test) really has been a disservice to her.
I agree it's perfectly humane and it's totally fishy that she won't do it. She's also suing him for $1.4 M USD for pain and suffering that she claims she suffered after he beat her and made her miscarry last year, and he is countersuing her for $1M USD for defamation of character.
Why is she refusing the DNA test. Is she afraid that the child is not his then
I feel sorry for the child but I don't know what to say about the mother or the possible father If the child is his he should acknowledge the child and be a good father
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