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You're trying to tell me that this guy is a rookie?

And he's only made six starts?

Hard to believe, ain't it?
Steven Matz got the Mets back on track last night, pitching 5.2 innings and striking out 8 while allowing 3 runs. Dominant? Not quite. But good enough? Definitely.

Unlike a lot of the players on the Mets, Matz seems to be getting hot at the right time.

He's got the composure, and he's got the stuff.

The Mets can't avoid what he's done - he's 4-0 in his Major League career. He's giving them no choice but to pitch him in the playoffs.
As I've written before, I want to see Matz get one start in the NLDS (likely against the Dodgers).
If he passes the test - and why wouldn't you believe in him? - I'd roll him out again in the NLCS (assuming the Mets make it that far!).
Let this kid pitch - he's getting it done each time he goes out there.
The Mets needed a win big time last night, and Matz got them there.
With the Nationals losing (again!), the Mets' magic number is now down to 3.

It could be a big weekend for the Mets as they look to clinch their first playoff birth since 2006!

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Matz is getting better with each outing.. they keep him rested and manage his outings well he will continue to grow