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So this is my first challenge that I am determined to actually finish and post. I'm not sure exactly how I'm supposed to do challenges but here it goes: I saw @rosepark mix tape on this challenge and got excited to do my own. The creater of the challenge seems to be @inplainsight so shout out to you and your idea I'm inspired by! I love all music and have very eclectic tastes so it will be hard to compile all that in one sitting but here it goes!
"Goodnight and Go" and "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. Speak for yourself was an influential album for my teens and is great all the way through.
"Fidelity" and "Lady" by Regina Spektor. Begin to Hope was also an amazing album all the way through and I listened in same time period.
Oh Kingdom Hearts and Utada Hikaru. I can't even begin to express what "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary" mean to me. It is the epitome of nostolgia, whimsy and enchantment.
Tupac was really deep soulful and poetic(what happen to rap) with most of his music. "Keep ya head up" is just one of those timeless rap songs you can bump and feel good about.
The Shins "Caring is Creepy" and "Mine's not a high horse" both great songs and both from solid albums.
This song, I don't know what it is from but I came across it one day and fell in love. If you've watched older anime, you know who Steve Conte is. This pair is harmony and this song is beautiful. One of my favorite love songs. Timeless, intense, poetic.
ChouChou is a great artist in every sense of the word. I love piano music which is why I chose "Fata Morgana" but she has so much more musically to offer than just that. Check her out in full. Welp that's all I have time for! I wish i had time for more because that doesnt even cover it. I hope you lovely gals and guys enjoyed it ^.^ Good Day Vinglers!
I feel you sanctuary is the best! Me and my girl would listen to it all the time back in the high school daze. We were kingdom Hearts fanatics. Dearly Beloved is the same a sanctuary in that it "cleanses your mind and is amazing" I'm glad you liked all the songs though, that's awesome @RosePark
Great playlist, @littlemaryk. Imogen Heap is amazing, isn't she?
thank you! @InPlainSight thank you also for making the challange. I enjoyed partaking ^.^
@littlemaryk some really great choices!!
hey I like these songs! Unfortunately I dont know them all but Sanctuary....It speaks to your soul. I listened to it every morning on the bus to school and before sleeping it just cleanses your mind its amazing~
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