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Photographer: Jeff Nyveen from Flickr [http://www.flickr.com/photos/spinfly/] I'm not the biggest fan of HDR, but it works well with the cave setting. "Avshalom Cave also known as Soreq Cave or Stalactites Cave is located on the western slopes of the Judean mountains near Bet Shemesh in Israel."
Hahahahahahaha! I've been told I cackle when I laugh really hard. XD See, there's no way you could get lost. You could probably hear me from the deepest vein of the cave.
you crack me up!!! i can hear your laugh all the way here!!! plus, i still have the recording, remember??? hahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!
@cheerfulcallie Whaaat?! Sis, there's no reason to be afraid. There's no death in this cave. Just a lot of photo shoot opportunities. And pretty rocks. LOL!
@YinofYang ......aahhh....nooooo, you must've forgotten, there are lots and lots of things 'callie wont do', like anything that will results in DEATH?!?! nahhh ill pass....ill wait for all of you ladies here (^_*)
@anvesha Hahahaha! Awesome, I'm glad. I, too, am scared of horror, but I think we'll be okay. XD
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