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JYJ‘s Junsu topped the list of stars with the highest value of real-estate holdings. SBS‘s ‘Live Broadcast Today‘ recently released their list of richest stars in terms of real estate, and Junsu ranked at the top of the list. Junsu was paid handsomely for his CFs and musicals, and he has been revealed to be a mogul of sorts in terms of real estate. According to the show, Junsu owns a penthouse worth 2.6 billion KRW (approximately $2.4 million USD). He also owns a townhouse worth 1.8 billion KRW (approximately $1.6 million USD) and land on Jeju Island worth 15 billion KRW (approximately $13.7 million USD). In all, his real estate holdings amounted to a total of 19.4 billion KRW (approximately $17.7 million USD). Following Junsu was Jang Geun Suk with a total of 14 billion KRW (approximately $12.8 million USD), and BoA came in 3rd with 8.3 billion KRW (approximately $7.6 million USD) in real estate holdings.
Wow amazing jang geun suk.... nd jun soo
so how about Lee Minho???
daebak! Mr. Kim Junsu :) you are really that rich...i'm speechless oppa....
Wow..daebak..Junsu got no 1..and he's really rich...Junsu really jjang...keke.