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Have you seen these images floating around yet? I don't know much about the mobile game "We Moba" but it is set to release soon. But I just had to share these images bc how can I not!
G-Dragon Up first is GD. I don't recall him being so ripped but I'm not complaining XD *Out of all, I think this is the one that least looks like the actual person. Am i wrong? Let's look at the rest!
T.O.P I hope I'm not the only one to notice how they fully clothed him >.> lol EVEN GLOVES! -.-'
Taeyang Jokes on you, Taeyang. They gave you a shirt (♡´艸`)
Seungri They managed to make our panda look so innocent! But his outfit says otherwise. I love the studded leather.
Daesung Did you hear that? Daesung just sighed. LOL He can't catch a break. His outfit, or lack of outfit makes up for his inability to see
What did you guys think? Are you dying of laughter, thirst, or are you saving all of these pictures? ❤︎⁄⁄꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*˚‧
@AkiraCondry I thought TOP was spot on too! I'm working on a portrait of him and he has a similar hat in the picture too ;D @KathyCrew @AkiraCondry If it's in English I'd love to play too lol
@AkiraCondry I would play the game too. >.<
@aabxo yep but man he's 3 types a looker in that picture and I like the little smirk he has. :)
@aabxo Yes, I have to agree XD I'm trying to imagine GD looking like that and in my head images of sunflowers keep popping up rather than "Hardcore" bad boy images lol Out of all of them I gotta say TOP is pretty spot on with the amount of clothing he wearing lol (I'd play this game :P)
@AkiraCondry @KathyCrew Do you guys agree that GD's character doesn't really resemble him? XD
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