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I had an awesome time in Houston!! I was in the front row so I could see them clearly with no hands in the way xD I was getting leaned on and getting pushed though. I was also able to get VIP! (thank you so much mom and dad!!! ❤️) So I got to take a picture with them and get their autograph. I always see them in pictures and in videos, so I was really happy that I was able to get see them up close. When I was going in line to take a picture with them, I started crying when I saw them. People in front of me were looking at me but I didn't care lol I can't really remember but I think Rap Monster and V were in the back of me and I heard the boys talk and I had to stop myself from making noises lol. After that I went to the front of the stage. The boys played N.O., Boy in Luv, Dope and I Need U. During I Need U, Suga let us sing some of his part! It was awesome everybody was singing and so was I! I was singing the whole song and also the other songs xD In between the songs the boys started talking. I think it was a Q/A session. I think Jin was talking about trains because he said choo choo train xD Suga was making rocket notices because he was talking about nasa lol. I couldn't hear the other boys cuz the some girls wouldn't stop yelling when they were talking. But the boys were so cute!! ❤️❤️❤ They were perfect on stage! I was singing soo loud my throat hurts now but I don't care at all xD After that, the Hi-touch started. I thought I wasn't gonna get Hi-touch but I guess they allowed me since I got VIP. I went through a red hallway and there they were. I forgot the order but I do remember that Jimin was last. He didn't give me a high five instead he grasped my hand tightly and that's way better! 💕 The boys hands were sooo soft! After that I lined up to get the autograph. I went in and J-Hope was first and he greeted everyone loudly with a hello. He's so precious! Next was I think Jungkook then I'm not sure I forgot 😭😭but I think it was Suga, Jimin, Jin, Rap Monster then V was last. I told everyone hello and thank you and V bye but he didn't say bye back just looked at me with a small smile. I don't think he was feeling okay.😭😖 I also couldn't get to say anything to Jimin because a lady there got mad at him for something about the poster. 😭 When I was about to say hello she talked over me with a mad tone to him. He's my favorite and I didn't get to say anything him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 stupid lady 😤😤😤 Then after that 😭 I had to leave and go home. I got home at 2:47am and slept at 3:34 lol
These were the only pictures I was able to take... I was trying to take more but I'm not good at hiding my phone since it's really big so I got noticed 😭😭😭I was able to take pictures that had J-Hope and Jungkook looking at my direction but Jimin, Suga, Jin, Rap Monster and V were far and were facing the other way. I happy I was able to get some pictures though!
I really hope BTS will do another concert in Houston or near me. Rap Monster also said he will come to Houston again, so fingers crossed!! P.S. kpoplover0119 is my twitter lol
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I was in the back XD It was crowded, I couldn't get photos or videos.
@Emealia oh I heard that the pushing was horrible over there
@jimingotnojams It was really bad. I was in the very middle of the back and ended up standing on my tippy toes the whole show XD
@Emealia That sucks xc I thought the rest of the people going in would sit at the balcony
i didnt even know they were coming to Houston or i would have went