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Yesterday was great
The venue was SO crowded and we were sausaged in Because of that I stood on my tippy toes and ended up being a head taller than the crowd
If BTS couldn't spot this blue hair idiot over everyone, I don't know what else I could've done XD But guys I'm so sore but it was worth it and I really wanna go to a full concert now
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@Emealia Yeah I couldn't but that a good thing or I would have punched the staff. BTW I'm random so u got any social media.
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@christianliu pretty sure I got shoved by staff at one point but everyone was shoving. I've got Facebook - Katie White Insta - EmealiaWhite Twitter - EmeliaWhite I'm also on Wattpad and asianfanfics if you want those
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@christianliu Wattpad - Emealia Asianfanfics - KatTheFailure
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thank chu~
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