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Is it a secret message?? A groan or maybe a murmur from earth's innerness. Or someplace the future knows all about. What is this thing. This thing that aligns with our instincts and what we want. How many times, how many times has the background in our minds replayed it's soundtrack, telling us the things we want. And is this place or thing even real. I think it must be. I think I was there once. In a different place, but in the same place, tracking every thought of what I wanted. And when I got there, everyone and everything changed. Changed into what they are. Even before they wanted to be that thing. So we ate at the same pink table in a desert, and drank mulberry wine from Roman flasks a thousand years old. And three sparrows sang morning notes and their shadows danced on inconsolable dunes. And the sound of the crackling sand resembled a cowboy's boots wandering at midnight through some empty town square to a predestined gunfight or something. And a great mind broke free from the labyrinth of a different space time and came down from the heavens and sat with us for awhile. And then we all knew, we knew what we were about to become. And the sounds of the universe, they were familiar. The mutters made sense.