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A lazy day calls for leggings.

I mentioned this obvious rule in my previous card about tips to keep in mind when wearing leggings [see here]. Although the tips were pretty obvious, trying to find appropriate tops to wear with leggings isn't as obvious. One of my favorite Vingler's @allischaaff, asked me to come up with a list of the best tops to wear with leggings and I figured that was an amazing idea.
We've all had trouble trying to find a long yet stylish enough shirt to wear over our leggings, some more than others. If you've been down that road, stop stressing yourself and keep scrolling to find out the answer to all your lazy day wardrobe problems.
Tunics are long enough to cover your bum when wearing leggings. Thanks to fashion, tunics have definitely upgraded in style allowing you to feel extremely fashionable.
Oversized sweaters will always reign supreme. They literally go with anything and look perfect over a pair of leggings.
Flannel is the perfect mix between casual and fashionable. You can wear it as a shirt or be super trendy while wearing it wrapped around your waist.
Of course, for those lazy chill days when you just want to throw on leggings and sneakers, you have your faithful oversized t-shirts.
Whoever told you that you couldn't wear long tops with legs and still be stylish apparently wasn't aware of this amazing card.

Keep these options in mind and be sure to cover your bum.

Can these outfits work for all body types?
why thank you!! @BiblioLady
@jordanhamilton I like the way you think :)
nooooo! def give them a try :) I dont think crrtain clothes are for certain people. wear what makes you feel comfortable @BiblioLady
@jordanhamilton I see. That's good to hear! Now I can try these without having to worry about looking dopey!!!! :D
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