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(LOOK AT THAT VHOPE OMYGOSH JIN IS ME IN THIS SITUATION) In Pt 1 of Learn Korean With Me, we learned to say greetings! Now for Pt 2, saying goodbye! 안녕히 가세요! (or "annyeonghi gaseyo!") This is just a plain "goodbye!" Simple, no? Sounds similar to "annyeonghaseyo", so this makes it a bit more simple. Lets break it down, shall we? an-yeong-hi-ga-se-yo! Lets sound it out! On. Yong. He. Gah. Say. Yo. Pretty dern similar if I do say do mahself! Alright! To the next part of the lesson, saying "Have a nice day!" Sentence structure often changes depending on the words in the sentence. So if we were to replace "day" with "night" or "evening" the sentence structure would shift ever so slightly. 좋은 하루 되세요! (or "joheun halu doeseyo!") This is simply meaning "Have a nice day!", but pronunciation will be a little bit difficult, so lets break it up first. Joh-eun-ha-lu-ese-yo! Okay, this one even confuses me a bit at times with how its pronounced. So lets say it how it sounds. Joe. Oon. (like "hoon" but minus the "h") Ha. Loo. (like "Loon" but minus the "n") Eh-say. (the weird part that gets me sometimes.) Yo. Good. Good. Okay, lets move right along to responding to someone who says, "have a nice day" in korean. And for this, we are simply going to say "Thank you!" Easy right? 고맙습니다! (or "gomabseubnida!") This basically means "Thank you!". Not too shabby! Lets break it up real quick! Go-mab-seub-ni-da! Now lets sound it out! Goh. Mahb. Soob. Nee. Dah. (When you are saying the "seub" part, it sounds like sub with a slight "oo" too it.) Alright! Thats todays lesson! If you have questions or comments then go ahead and pur them down in the comment section. If you got confused at all, tell me, I want to be sure that this is helpful, not confusing! Have a lovely day, or evening, depending on when you see this. ❤❤❤