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Your soulmate could be walking right next to you on the street and you would never know it.

I often sit on the train as I go about my day and drift away amongst my thoughts. On most days they are good, somedays bad, but for the past couple of days I've been thinking about my soul mate a lot. Some people believe in soulmates, others don't. I personally think that there is someone out there for all of us. Neither one of us know about each other, but we both know that someone is out there.
Have you ever questioned where or who your future husband or wife would be? Or maybe that's just me being the hopeless romantic that I am. We could easily be crossing paths with our soul mate each and every day without the slightest clue. How amazing and mind boggling is that? I guess you never know until you know.
I firmly believe that from the moment we are knit in our mothers womb, there is a person that is specially set aside for each of us. The catch is, we have to wait until that "perfect" moment to figure out who that person might be. But when is that "perfect" moment and what make sit so perfect? I have all these questions and absolutely no answers. I guess this is just my way of venting.
I live in such a huge city and pass thousands of people daily. The thought that one of those very people could easily be my future husband and I don't even know it drives me crazy. But I will admit is the suspense is somewhat exciting. The idea of waiting for that moment and not exactly knowing when that moment will be -- makes me all the more excited. Like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the gifts underneath the tree, but your mother constantly reminding you that it's not time yet.
Yeah, that's what comes to mind when I think of my soul mate. Christmas.
It's just not time, but soon enough.

Do you believe that every person has a soul mate somewhere?

I'm on the same page with @marshalledgar... Thought @allischaaff was the writer. @jordanhamilton you pulled a hat trick. I used to think that there is one soul mate, but I played around with the theory that there are many soul mate (not necessarily romantic). These soul mate are people you met and help you change your life, both good and bad. There was a video that played with the theory: what if the person you're meant to was standing in platform next to you, but we are too busy with our lives to notice (think "this subway is running late"). If I can find this video I will share, it's quite interesting. Many soul mate but I think there is just one person that can truly open your eyes, help you achieve goals you never knew is possible to achieve, make you feel happiness like never before, and overall bring out the better person in you.
if there is more than one won't that cause chaos.
when I saw the title of this card I was convinced that @allischaaff was the writwr. but I was wrong. it was @jordanhamilton, the lipstick queen. :) I agree with @allischaaff. there's just no way there is only 1 person. this world is too big. plus, you have to be willing to wake up and choose them daily.
I totally do. Well, to be honest, I disagree with the idea that there's just one. There are SO many people on this earth who could be a great partner to any given person. But finding even just one of them is kinda tough :) and in a sense, you choose your soul mate, too. You have to be willing to choose them every day for the rest of your life, actively. But when you do, people tell me it's a beautiful thing :) I look forward to the day when I find my soul mate!!
ok, so in a sense I feel the same way as @ChriSingularis, that we might miss someone out there for us. I think there are multiple people out there that can be a good match with you, they are just hard to find. But when you find one of them, and they just so happen to have the right timing and life is grand. that’s when you pick them and they pick you. that’s a soul mate to me. and if you think about it, it is sort’ve a million in one chance that it would happen.
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