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With the help of @MichelleIbarra, we put our minds together and created a GOT7 game. Rules are still so simple, just screenshot each frame and post results. I changed it up a bit, many poor souls had their Bros trolling them in the BTS one, so that has changed. Okay, let's get started! This is my first made gif! *Go me*
Boyfriend Crush Best Friend First Kiss Who Steals your Ice Cream Lose Virginity to Have Kids With Husband Secret Admirer Jealous One
As an extra because @MichelleIbarra & I love food!!! Who Buys you food.
My Results: Boyfriend: JB (Phone knows what's up) Crush: Marky Mark (Phone is MVP) Best Friend: Jackson First Kiss: Jr Who Steals My Ice Cream: Bambam Lose Virginity to: BamBam. (That is so odd) Have Kids With: Jackson Husband: YoungJae Secret Admirer: Jr Jealous One: Marky Mark. (So sorry T.T) P.s Neicy please don't kill me... *Waves truce flag*
Buys Me Food: YoungJae (I'm the wifey, he better feed me!)
Okay! So drop a comment on who you got!!! @DeneisiaGardner @MichelleIbarra
My phone has the same biases that I do, lol. Boyfriend-Jr. Crush-Yugyeom Bestfriend-Yugyeom First Kiss-Jackson Steals Icecream-Jackson Virginity-JB Have Kids With-Jackson Husband-Yugyeom Secret Admirer-BamBam Jealous One-Yugyeom Buys Food-Jackson
Also Jackson has too many wives!!
I skipped one, but o well. Boyfriend -YoungJae Crush- Jackson Best Friend- Jackson First Kiss- JB Who steals ice cream- JB Having Kids- YoungJae Husband- Jackson Secret Admirer- Mark Jealous One- YugYeom Buys me food- Junior This was truly a test to see if I can tell them apart. I flipped back and forth from JB and YoungJae all 'this is JB no this is JB.' Rawr! I'm sure I got it right in the end. I know them I swear!
Boyfriend: YoungJae Crush: YoungJae Best Friend: Yugyeom First Kiss: YoungJae (Trolll) Who steals my ice cream: Marky (Ill let it slide cause your adorable) Lose Virginity to: BamBam (MY PHONE KNOWS WHATS UP) Have kids with: BamBam (YASS MY PHONE IS MVP TONIGHT) Husband: JB Secret Admirer: JR Jealous one: JR (Eh makes sense with the secret admirer thing :3) Buys me food: Marky (He obviously felt bad about stealing my ice cream :D)
Boyfriend: JB 😁♥️ Crush: Mark 😏💘 Best Friend: Jackson 😘 First Kiss: Jr 😝 Steals My Ice Cream: JB 😤😋♥️ Lost Virginity to: Yugeom 😱♥️ Have Kids With: BamBam 😂♥️ Husband: Jackson 😵♥️ Secret Admirer: Jackson 😄♥️ Jealous One: Youngjae 😮♥️
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