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I mean we can't help but love this woman.

Of course, I'm talking about thee Ellen DeGeneres. Her quirky, fun natured personality is always welcoming and very, well -- Ellen. This morning the wonderful talk show host had Wanda Sykes and David Arquette as her guests to play an exciting game of Never Have I Ever. What an exciting way to kick start your Friday and bring back college memories -- the good ones of course.
Although they weren't throwing back red cups, the questions were some what risque. Then again, what's a good game without a little bit of risk. Check out the hilarious video [see above] and take note of some juicy questions to incorporate into your own version of the game this weekend with your lover or your friends.
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True fact: David Arquette was like my favorite actor when I was a kid. I loved all the Scream movies, and Deputy Dewey was my favorite character! Lmao he's getting so embarrassed answering these questions too. So funny.