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The Critic was the right show at the wrong time.

The show was caught up in a golden era of other strong cartoon shows. Another curve the show threw was its dark sense of comedy.. which was amazing but rarely pushed at that time.
As time progressed, the show became a cult classic. I guess I'm not the only one who loved the show, as it may be making a comeback soon!

According to Live 105, The Critic could be making a comeback!

Lovitz is onboard and told Kevin Klein of Live 105 that he is game: “I would love for that to come back. I would do it in a second.”
The hold up (and a pretty big one) is that co-creator Al Jean is tied up with The Simpsons. With that being said, he sees the value of it and is interested as well. “We actually have been, just preliminarily, trying to think of a way we could get someone else to do it full-time”, he admitted. “I would love it to come back.”
Lets hope Jean finds the time to make this happen. I think the show would be perfect for this era of animated entertainment. I could see this being a MASSIVE success on Netflix.
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The Critic is one of those shows that really remind me of NYC in the 90s. ALL SORTS OF SENTIMENTAL.