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Freddy Krueger is one of the best characters in the past 50 years.

I mean, who hasn't heard of Freddy? This guy dominates the real world and dreamworld. The company has done a great job building his storyline and fans come out by the boatload to see what Freddy will do next.
I guess New Line Cinema thinks there's room for more, as Robert Englund discussed the rumor of a new film on the way!
Robert Englund, spoke with Red Carpet News TV about the rumored project, and he believes New Line isn’t planning to remake the original film again. Instead, Englund speculated that the studio is planning to remake the third, and most popular film in the franchise, Dream Warriors.
Englund went on to say that he heard a rumor that Tuesday Knight was approached to appear in the new film.
At the moment, there has been no concrete information that the film is surely on the way, but if so it would be pretty cool right? If only they can find someway to work Englund in the film... wouldn't you love to see him make a strong cameo in this one?