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Ren & Stimpy was a great show that showed no fear in regards to pushing the envelope.

That fact was one of the things that made the show awesome, but probably led to it's demise. Watching the news and seeing The Pope stateside caused a flashback of the time Ren & Stimpy added the Pope in the show.
The episode was... awkward, to say the least.
“In the Army/Powdered Toast Man” premiered in August 1992. The second half of the episode focused on Powdered Toast Man (voiced by Gary Owens), a pastor and government clerk by day who moonlights as a superhero.
The twist came later in the segment, as Powdered Toast Man’s act of heroism that resulted in one of the more controversial segments in the series. PTM is called upon to rescue the Pope (Frank Zappa), who is tied to a barrel of TNT by an evil fish with a top hat. He rescues the Pope from imminent death, and proceeds to fly away with him on his back. Fearing that fall off of Powdered Toast Man, the Pope grabs and then buries his face in the hero’s butt.
If that wasn't enough (my god why wasn't The segment ended with another controversial moment: Powdered Toast Man burns the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Obviously, this episode saw a shitload of backlash across the globe. How could a cartoon (on Nickelodean at that,) be so harsh?

With Ren & Stimpy returning to the Splat block of programming, it will be interesting to see if they air this questionable episode. Only time will tell.