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Thank you @butterflyblu. My music taste flies all over the place...
Maroon 5, This summer... Excuse his man butt lol. Song : This Summer is gonna hurt like a Mother fu*k*r Marron 5 is usually always on my Playlist
B.o.B featuring Jon Dillon. All I can is say holy crap to that chorus.
Linkin Park has always been one of my favorite bands. my favorite album by them is Hybrid Theory. however you will find a ton of tracks by them all over the place. Song : Burning it down
Trey songz : love around the world. His voice catches me!
Wine glass woman : Mayer Hawthorne, yes l totally love this album and his style.
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I'm diggin' it!! I have all of Maroon 5's music. :) Mayer Hawthorne is a newer like of mine, too. Heck, I like all of this. ^.^