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Social media, texts and emails can come back to haunt you.

Just ask 50 Cent's TV Consultant, who received the can after a questionable text conversation with a co-worker.

According to TMZ, Jameson was fired for sending a picture of the KKK to another worker on 50′s staff.

The text exchange started when Jameson was lobbying with a staffer to get a particular white woman who worked for 50 on the prospective reality show. When Jameson found out the lady wouldn't do a television show on BET, he responded with a picture of the KKK rally with the caption, “Okay. Hmm. but not judging.”
As soon as 50 found out about the conversation, he wanted Jameson to be let go.
Jameson, has a different take on the story.
Jameson told TMZ that the KKK rally text message was actually used to insinuate that the white woman who doesn’t want to be on BET was a racist. Jameson said, “I apologize for sending this text, which in very poor taste sought to comment on the type of person who would not work with others based on their race.”
While this story could be true, it's sad to see Jameson use a KKK rally text to get across a point. This was very poor in taste.
I'm happy to see that 50 Cent reacted quickly to this one, something that shouldn't be accepted at the workplace.
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I'm glad 50 decided to fire Jameson. That kind of behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances!