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Five tiers of bliss, flanked by two two-tier confections, makes this cake ensemble UNBELIEVABLE! GORGEOUS! STUNNING! MAKING ME WANT MORE, MORE, MORE...
Baked and Beloved, is a Toronto-based confectioner started by industry professional, Lisa, in 2009, whose other business, Flour Confections, is a global bakery supplier and confectionery school.
I am in love with the blue. It's that perfect shade of slate-gray-blue. Like a Colonial Blue, almost. Mixed with white, it's stunning!
They have a minimum order of 50 pieces of cake for every wedding cake order which start at $1,000 and are priced out according to things like size, quantity, style, hours of labor, etc. And yes, all of the flowers are made by hand!
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This is amazing!! The colors scheme is somehing I would actually want for myself. ❤
I'm a big fan of hazelnut and raspberry combos, so maybe a Vanilla cake with hazelnut buttercream and Raspberry jam filling. I also like chocolate cake with Salted caramel buttercream with a soft caramel filling as well as chocolate cake with choc buttercream. Cant beat the classic flavors. Multiple tiers means i can choose multiple flavors! 😊
sounds great @BluBear07 what flavor would you go with?