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The Pete Rose saga could come to an end at the end of the season.
Pete Rose met with baseball commissioner Rob Manfred on Thursday in New York and was told Manfred would decide on his request for reinstatement before the end of 2015.
Rose met Manfred with his representatives for a little less than two hours, making his case for reinstatement Thursday, but received no clear cut answer on where he stands on the issue at the time.
Rose agreed to a lifetime ban in 1989 after an investigation by MLB concluded he bet on games involving his Cincinnati Reds team while managing and playing. Without being reinstated, Rose may not be considered for the Hall of Fame.
Pete's lawyer issued a statement on the subject, saying "Rob Manfred confirmed he wants a decision by the end of the calendar year. We appreciate that, but other than that we have no comment."
Close to 30 years have passed since Rose was axed from the MLB. Maybe time has healed all wounds, who knows. I am still in shock that a player, so pivotal in the outcome of games he coached and played in would bet on the outcome of events.
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He is a disgrace to the game....I don't care how many hits he hit during his career. No one should be allowed to come back to the sport especially after betting while he was managing a team!