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I was comparing the bicep and tricep weight training exercises (that my trainer gave me) to some other routines I found online. I stumbled upon this graphic (shown above) from But I have some challenges with what I see here.
Mainly, I just want to know, do the exercises shown ACTUALLY, REALLY, TRULY WORK? I am talking about #2 and #6 (mostly). But I am really confused about the difference between #1 and #5, besides the seated/standing position. Like, are the biceps being worked differently?!
I went to to see if I could get some clarification on my #1 and #5 position issues. What I found was a forum of banter, physics, trolling and confusion. I walked away with more questions than answers until I found these two quotes:
"Standing: Better for gaining the ability to lift a heavy weight from hip height to shoulder height
Seated: Better for developing the biceps" -- IDrinkBloodLOL
"The reason you can lift more on standing curls than seated is because seated preacher curls restrict you from any movement back and forth whereas standing barbell curls allow people to swing the weight up. now even though thats not strict form, there are ways to properly to cheat reps towards the END of a set. if you're swinging all of your reps up from beginning to end, then you're using way too much weight. drop the ego and the weight and keep it strict. but they're both very good exercises for bicep mass." -- MiamiBodybuilder

What I MAINLY want to know are the #2 and #6 positions:

Seated Dumbell Concentration Curl and Standing (Double Bicep) Cable Curl
I have tried them both.


Is it because I am weak?
Is it because my form sucks?
Is it because of something else?
Please send me your feedback on these two exercises because I really want to develop my bicep (correctly). I don't want to waste my time here.
I attached two of the exercises that I HATE so you can see if this is correct or not.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@marshalledgar It's fun. You can go HAM on it especially on bad days. Many variations that affects different muscle. Used mostly for conditioning. And it looks like it will be my replacement for running during winter.
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Chin-ups, and pull-ups. Great way to increase bicep strength.
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Personally, my favorite bicep workouts are Crazy 8's. Check this out and give it a shot!
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah, that's a great idea @DroPuenteAG93!! I need to do that! Also, @mchlyang, i gotta do those crazy 8s. They remind me of pyramids when working out with another person.
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Yeah I love pyramids. They def hurt but they feel so good afterwards. One thing you could try with push-ups is Do 1, then do 2, then 3 so on till 10 and then go back down. It def makes doing push ups a bit more fun and interesting!
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