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Looks like Mister 3-0-5 himself has come up with a plan: a television drama series based in Miami. The show will be about a teenager named Willy who moves to a wealthy area in Miami to live with his rich uncle. The wealth will force Willy to change his new lifestyle.
Pitbull will be working as executive producer for the show.
I am definitely very curious about the show, and I'll most likely take a peek at it when it comes out. There aren't a lot of TV series that shows the culture and lifestyle of Miami. I am wondering which wealthy area the show will be based on. Will it be Coral Gables? Coconut Grove? Miami Beach? Hmm...
I guess we'll find out!
I am looking forward to the show! Pitbull is from Miami, so I am hoping he can get the show to really zoom in on Miami's general culture, and the subculture that exists within the different areas of Miami. Yay! I am really excited.
You're right. I don't think there has been many shows based on Miami's culture....which is weird because Miami is pretty awesome. I am excited to see this show! @nicolejb
I feel like the world doesn’t know much about this city culture! Should be interesting to see!
I would most definitely take a look into it!
I feel like you should just be the host of the show @alywoah! I’m already learning so much from you about Miami culture ;)
Yes! I'm always curious about shows/movies that are based in my hometown. I hope they get the culture accurate. @LAVONYORK