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If you guy now about their comeback tell me pleaseee..... I search a bit in the Internet and didn't find anything. I have no Power my heart is a Hurricane, Stop it
You're welcome .Always glad to help :)
They are supposed to make a comeback at the end of this year/ beginning of next year. The only bad thing is that it is with the same company hopefully they don't get hurt again.
I also wish they don't have problems, thanks for telling me 😁
Well, the boys are becoming more and more active on instagram, they're getting together more often than before... maybe it's safe to say that we might get a song around Christmas time. (going on a hunch here) . But I certainly hope they release something.... ANYTHING this year, it's been soo long~ T.T I can have Yongguk's "Ch-YEAH" on repeat for like 10 min. and I would be happy and content. lol