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Long time ago...In a galaxy far far away. There used to be a time when you would create mixtape for someone. Well...nowadays you can stream music and casette player. Let me share my 5 songs that I would share. This Card has been brought to you by the challenge from @nicolejb. Check hers out @ flashyheadphonesthatmesmerizes

1. Let's start with you being the Cheerleader!!

As if the original song is not catchy enough, Pentatonix brings it to another level. You can sing to this beat. Also check out OMI's other song (which is also catchy) titled Hula Hoop. Also I do not know how he comes up with his titles. I have a feeling the next song will be called cheerteam or something.

2. The Interview

As much as I like the original and Adam Levine, this cover sounds very beautiful. Plus the venue is very serene and would look like a good place to hike. Imagine an interview in the woods.

3. That Hard Time

When times are hard. This song is very upbeat and uplifting. Plus Everest and the pyramids sounds like cool destinations...just not one after the other frostbitten followed by dehydration.

4. Reassurance

Chill, Relax, and Listen up. A little gem of a song. Thank god it is not overplayed in the radio.

5. The Finale

Tori Kelly AND Ed Sheeran !!! Two of my favorites just because of their vocals. Listen and you will understand.
There's my pick. Let tag some Vinglers....spinning the Tag-roulette.
Apologies if you have already been tagged or have done it.
OMG YOU ARE A PENTATONIX FAN TOO @ButterflyBlu and @ChriSingularis ... @SHINee I may or may not have written a card about them a while back...
I'm a huge fan of Pentatonix. Their version of Cheerleader is just fantastic. :D Great playlist!
@nicolejb I go to a school for working adults, so no. Unfortunately my vocals are not that awesome. Hahaha
@nicolejb yeah they're really great and I like the card you created. We might have similar sense of music.
Awe well, who says you can’t start one ;) and have you ever tried beatboxing? hehe I think it would be so fun to beatbox for a cool acapella group. I just sing. @chrisingularis
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