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So excited that I found this really sweet diy wedding centerpiece. It's not exactly the look I am going for with my Tiffany Blue Themed wedding, which you can see more of here. However, I love this because it shows you HOW EASY it is to create your own wedding centerpieces.
Anything I can do to save money while having a beautiful wedding, I am ALL FOR IT! I hope you like this idea. If you have other ideas, please share with me!
Supplies Needed:
Wooden vase (with plastic liner)
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (5-10 stems)
White Hydrangea (2 stems)
Pink or Champagne Alstroemeria (3 stems)
Dark Pink Spray Rose (2 stems)
1. Prep your flowers first, by removing any thorns and any sad looking petals or foliage.
2. Fill the box insert about half way with water. Filling up only halfway will make it easier to transport or move around.
3. Start to build the centerpiece by layering three to five pieces of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus around the edges, slightly bending the pieces for a dripping effect. Criss-cross the stems as you add them, and try to touch the back of the vase with the bottom of the stem if you can—the grid will help hold other stems in place.
4. Trim two Hydrangea stems where the bottom of the stem will sit in the water (the blossoms of the flowers will just lay at the lip of the vase). Add another Hydrangea stem on the opposite side and adjust eucalyptus leaves so that they are intermixed with the flowers.
5. Trim three Alstroemeria stems so that they are just slightly taller than the Hydrangea and add into the centerpiece, filling in gaps between the Hydrangeas or poking out of the Hydrangea blossoms.
6. Trim two spray rose stems so that they are slightly taller than the Hydrangea and fill in any remaining gaps with each stem. Rearrange or add additional Eucalyptus leaves.
7. Add more water to make sure all stems can remain hydrated. Enjoy!
NOTE: Hydrangeas are notoriously thirsty flowers, so you want to give them as much water as possible to prevent wilting.