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Days after Jessica Simpson was slammed in the media for appearing drunk on the Home Shopping Network on Sept. 17, her husband, Eric Johnson, may be confirming these claims indirectly. HSN denied claims by saying that a two-hour unscripted segment can lead to a few "less than perfect moments". However with Simpson's husband threatening to take her kids if she doesn't go to rehab, people are freaking out asking why she needs to go to rehab in the first place.
An insider spilled to inTouch Weekly, "She’s taking Adderall and anti-anxiety pills. And on top of that, she drinks," noting that her HSN appearance was "a huge wakeup call." However the accusations didn't stop there. “Things reached a climax in early May, when Eric told Jess he has had enough and issued his ultimatum,” a source told Radar Online. “He is worried sick that Jess’ conduct is going to start affecting their two children and that their oldest is starting to realize there’s something wrong with mommy.”
Simpson and Johnson share two adorable children, Maxwell, 3, and Ace, 2. Simpson refuses to be separated from her children, “The family is already looking into in-home recovery programs and high-profile rehab centers,” the insider revealed. “They’re leaning towards in-home, because they know Jessica will never agree to be separated from her children. Everyone is hoping that if they find the perfect option, Jessica will finally accept the help she needs.”

You judge for yourself.

Obviously she seems very out of sorts despite what HSN claims. “They’ve known for a while that she has a problem, but this was a huge wakeup call,” the insider told In Touch. “Whenever they’ve talked about it in the past, Jessica would deny it — and since she supports everyone financially, no one pushed her.”
So what do you think? Was she drunk and should she go to rehab?
If she does have a problem, I hope she gets help, for her children's sake. Having a parent under the grip of alcoholism is hard on an entire family, especially the children. :(
yikes, I don’t know much about her personal life, but when children come into the picture you can’t just think about your own well-bing. alcoholism has hurt so many families :(