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If the title threw you into confusion, you read it correctly.
This is an EASY diy that shows YOU (and me) how to take an already-made bakery cake (from your supermarket) and turn it into a chic naked-style wedding cake! So, if you find yourself in absolute panic mode the day of the wedding because either your cake collapsed or it just never happened, this is what you do!:
Find a cake flavor that you like with white icing. (Or simply order one that you like from the bakery)
Scrape the sides of the cake, removing 90% (or more) of the icing from the wall.
Use a flat cake spatula for this because it's way easier than all the other kitchen tools that don't work.
Using a tiny piece of was or parchment paper, place it at the center on top to rest your flowers onto. Just be sure to use edible-friendly flowers and nothing that is toxic, like lilies.
I am super impressed with this cake idea. I can't believe I didn't think of it before. I feel like this would be great for my wedding, with a few minor changes!