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Mark you calendars and Welcome to the ARMY
Wait no not that Army...let's try this again
Welcome to the Bangtan, the Bangtan Boys
Today I have introduced my friend to Kpop and the first song I showed her was "Dope/Sick" by BTS
(that's literally the only song i showed her and after that she was like "Say no more" XD)
And now you can say she's hooked!!
Question: So have you guys gotten any of your friends into kpop? Let me now how and what song you showed them to get the hooked :)
LOL! I got my mom into kpop and all it took was Fantastic Baby.
Showed my best friend exo's call me baby now she loves them I'm slowly getting her into bts by showing her bangtan bombs XD she loves these things
I started listening to kpop 10 years ago! I showed my friend DBSK, my first group. That was about 8 years ago. I want to say it was Hug that I showed her. Lol she is still mad at me for not showing her sooner! ^^ Now I just showed her BTS and loved them! :)
I made my mom a fan her first song was Mr. Simple By Super Junior
I showed my friend 'A song calling for you' by SS501 and she's never been the same and then a month ago I showed my other friend 'Ring ding dong' and he's lost his sanity to kpop
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