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Do any of you have good song recommendations? The genre(s) I'm looking for are something along the lines of Smooth, Hype/ Upbeat, melancholic Ex: Smooth: Wet- Jooyoung, Dali Van Picasso - Beenzino, Hold me tight - BTS Hype: Get low - monsta x and Madclown, Roll deep- Hyuna, School of tears - BTS Meloncholic: Butterfly - BTS, Auditory Hallucination please help,I'm so tired of the same music
Knock - Nasty Nasty! Drifting - Rap Monster! Coffee Shop - B.A.P! Pray - Babylon! Nobody But You - BASTARZ! Crazy - Infinite H! Sometimes - Crush! Love Me Again - G.Soul! Spoiler - Epik High! Kontrol - Kim Sung Kyu! 1AM - Taeyang! Bad - Seo In Guk! Erase - Hyolyn & Jooyoung! Wait - B1A4! Lovin' You - Eddy Kim! Black - GD & Jenny Kim! If you like these suggestions let me know! I have a ton more songs I can recommend :)
Mmmmm girl, Wet by Jooyoung, I suggest Hood by Tablo and Bada$$
Hype: MYNAME_too very so MUCH, Big Bang_Still Alive, Infinite_Tic Toc, GD & TOP_Oh Yeah, Daesung_Wings, 2NE1_Hate You Smooth: Purple Night_Yankie, Primary_Mannequin, Get ft. Beenzino, Infinite H_Without U, Kunogoon_Timing, Kiggen_Phantom, 4Minute_Volume Up I'm not sure what u mean by melancholic but I hope this helps lol
Irresistible lips by BTOB I remember by Bang Yongguk and Yoseob Beautiful by Amber or I remember by Amber Kuo